Blog Progression : November week 2 update.

       Blog Progression

Blog progression has been improving for the Kuripot Jar behind the scenes.

Blog Progression
Growth of a plant relies on the tender, love, and care. Blog progression also requires similar aspects with content and entry development.

There will be more changes as we get more material to work with renovating the content. The good news is that we have renewed the contract for a few more years and this time should have more activity.  My wife has been supportive to my current plans with this blog and the vision is beginning to improve.  The past few months, there are a few projects that I have been a participant.  I will discuss my experience in the future of my involvement.  There are a few business trips coming up that are leading to my position in representation.  Both my wife and I still are working full time, but plan to make a transition with our engagement to the blog, projects, and social media.

Feel free to follow me on twitter: @Maphistas_76.  I have changed the discussions in relation to developing projects.  One in particular, Stratis Platform has been creating headlines the past few months.  Stratis is integrating Blockchain Technology to their platform and Microsoft has integrated the service to the Azure BaaS program.  Another starting project is IncentLoyalty, which is a universal merchant-backed loyalty platform.  Both projects have been supported with the Bitcoin community which is where The Kuripot Jar becomes involved.

      When I created this blog, I was working on my Bachelors degree in Management & Masters Degree in Business Administration (no concentration).  We had discussions to Bitcoin and I was hesitant to engage the innovation at first.  However, this is one of the opportunities where I can make use of my education and participate in projects that may help businesses and society.

     Thank you for visiting my blog.  This time around I will have more time to be active in the blog entries.  Expect to see more recipes, financial experiments, cryptocurrency projects, and more!

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