Blog Progression : May update. Bitcoin, Blockchain, and more.

       Blog Progression

Blog progression is improving for the Kuripot Jar behind the scenes.

Blog Progression
Growth of a plant relies on the tender, love, and care. Blog progression also requires similar aspects with content and entry development.

Progress as usual, I do apologize for the wait to update my posts.  Behind the scenes I have changed over from participating in Bitcoin faucets to becoming more involved with researching a new project progression.  In due time, I will be writing a few 450-500 word article reviews of a variety of projects.

Feel free to follow me on twitter: @Maphistas_76.  I will be changing my discussions in relation to developing blockchain projects.

      As stated back in November 2016, “When I created this blog, I was working on my Bachelors degree in Management & Masters Degree in Business Administration (no concentration).  We had discussions to Bitcoin and I was hesitant to engage the innovation at first.  However, this is one of the opportunities where I can make use of my education and participate in projects that may help businesses and society”.

        Though my education was completed, growth of experience in this ever changing field requires experience and adaptations to different project formats.  At one point, I used to think of only Bitcoin and digital currency was the main purpose of the idea.  It is more than that, we see platforms, coding developments, security milestones, gaming, investment opportunities through crowdfunding.  Anyway we see it, the education background is only good to give a better understanding into Blockchain especially with coding to support the network.  Many projects are developing well from my last posts which we can expect more ideas to follow over time.

     Thank you for visiting my blog.  This third time around I will have more time to be active in the blog entries.  Next week will be my blogging challenge in which I will write about 2-3 substantial entries a week from this next Friday (had an interesting week will mentioned soon), until the end of the year.  Most of the posts will be around 250-300 words but reviews will be around 450-500 words.  This may seem like an entry for this blog, but this will not count towards my 2-3 entries a week.  I guess this may be a bonus discussion of my transitions.  Expect to see more recipes, financial experiments, new projects, and more!

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