Cryptocurrency journey: One year later.

Cryptocurrency Journey: One year later.

Commemorable Stratis Coin

A year has passed since I decided to take a break from blogging.  I really did not know where to start and had to seek ideas after finishing my education.  A topic in mind was Bitcoin.  It seemed that there is a lot of material in expressing how this idea will change the world.

For me to become more aware of the idea.  I had to experience it first hand.  I discussed my plan with my wife about investing into buying some Bitcoin and see what happens.  It took a bit of time to see some activity but after a few months from February 2016 – May 2016.  I was planning to give to thinking I may have missed out on an opportunity.  Instead I tried to figured out what exactly am I looking for in cryptocurrency.

Something hit me to try again, but this time outsource my research.  I began to join community forums and started reading more on a variety of projects coming in.  One project caught my eye, Stratis Platform.  It was a hidden gem among many that will exceed it’s original potential.  At the time, I was not sure what to do first but to research the white paper.  My research lead to how the company plans to develop Blockchain as a service to businesses.

Curiosity lead to watching a youtube video from Tai Zen and Leon Fu interviewing the CEO of Stratis Platform, Chris Trew.  My interest grew on this is what I want to invest my time in following up on altcoin projects.  I had to start small with the amount of funds I had set aside to invest in from Bitcoin.  To be honest, I invested late with Bitcoin, so no I am not a millionaire like many that had invested seven years ago.  Instead on early June, I decided it was time to find more on cryptocurrency and convert my Bitcoin to Stratis tokens.

There was more in store to my experience that I was not going to see if I just buy Bitcoin and leave it into a wallet.  There were projects, companies, and ideas that have come a long way to grow from using Bitcoin as the source of funding.  After a year into Cryptocurrency, it feels like it is time for me to share more of why I enjoy this experience. I hope more projects are successful in this future.

Have you heard of Bitcoin?  What is your take in Altcoins and do you have some in mind that might have a better future use?

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