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Blog Progression : May update. Bitcoin, Blockchain, and more.

       Blog Progression

Blog progression is improving for the Kuripot Jar behind the scenes.

Blog Progression
Growth of a plant relies on the tender, love, and care. Blog progression also requires similar aspects with content and entry development.

Progress as usual, I do apologize for the wait to update my posts.  Behind the scenes I have changed over from participating in Bitcoin faucets to becoming more involved with researching a new project progression.  In due time, I will be writing a few 450-500 word article reviews of a variety of projects.

Feel free to follow me on twitter: @Maphistas_76.  I will be changing my discussions in relation to developing blockchain projects.

      As stated back in November 2016, “When I created this blog, I was working on my Bachelors degree in Management & Masters Degree in Business Administration (no concentration).  We had discussions to Bitcoin and I was hesitant to engage the innovation at first.  However, this is one of the opportunities where I can make use of my education and participate in projects that may help businesses and society”.

        Though my education was completed, growth of experience in this ever changing field requires experience and adaptations to different project formats.  At one point, I used to think of only Bitcoin and digital currency was the main purpose of the idea.  It is more than that, we see platforms, coding developments, security milestones, gaming, investment opportunities through crowdfunding.  Anyway we see it, the education background is only good to give a better understanding into Blockchain especially with coding to support the network.  Many projects are developing well from my last posts which we can expect more ideas to follow over time.

     Thank you for visiting my blog.  This third time around I will have more time to be active in the blog entries.  Next week will be my blogging challenge in which I will write about 2-3 substantial entries a week from this next Friday (had an interesting week will mentioned soon), until the end of the year.  Most of the posts will be around 250-300 words but reviews will be around 450-500 words.  This may seem like an entry for this blog, but this will not count towards my 2-3 entries a week.  I guess this may be a bonus discussion of my transitions.  Expect to see more recipes, financial experiments, new projects, and more!

Blog Progression : November week 2 update.

       Blog Progression

Blog progression has been improving for the Kuripot Jar behind the scenes.

Blog Progression
Growth of a plant relies on the tender, love, and care. Blog progression also requires similar aspects with content and entry development.

There will be more changes as we get more material to work with renovating the content. The good news is that we have renewed the contract for a few more years and this time should have more activity.  My wife has been supportive to my current plans with this blog and the vision is beginning to improve.  The past few months, there are a few projects that I have been a participant.  I will discuss my experience in the future of my involvement.  There are a few business trips coming up that are leading to my position in representation.  Both my wife and I still are working full time, but plan to make a transition with our engagement to the blog, projects, and social media.

Feel free to follow me on twitter: @Maphistas_76.  I have changed the discussions in relation to developing projects.  One in particular, Stratis Platform has been creating headlines the past few months.  Stratis is integrating Blockchain Technology to their platform and Microsoft has integrated the service to the Azure BaaS program.  Another starting project is IncentLoyalty, which is a universal merchant-backed loyalty platform.  Both projects have been supported with the Bitcoin community which is where The Kuripot Jar becomes involved.

      When I created this blog, I was working on my Bachelors degree in Management & Masters Degree in Business Administration (no concentration).  We had discussions to Bitcoin and I was hesitant to engage the innovation at first.  However, this is one of the opportunities where I can make use of my education and participate in projects that may help businesses and society.

     Thank you for visiting my blog.  This time around I will have more time to be active in the blog entries.  Expect to see more recipes, financial experiments, cryptocurrency projects, and more!

Updates to The Kuripot Jar

Beer Battered Breaded shrimp with honey mustard sauce.
Beer Battered Breaded shrimp with honey mustard sauce. Recipe in the next future updates.


Hi everyone,

I am planning to run a few giveaways starting at the beginning of October once I create a layout of designated winners. Blogs posts are still in preparation but I may delay publishing. My wife has been cooking a more different recipes, making me too sleepy to work on the articles from the food coma.  The challenge of being a food tester.  There has been a lot of bitcoin faucets, products, and other reviews I am planning to work on posting. Keep on the lookout for new content next week!

Current Update:  We have just paid off two car loans and focusing on eliminating the PMI from our mortgage by reaching down to 78% on the payments.  The harvest of the garden saved us a bit for groceries we have considered changing our home to solar.  A few neighbors already have solar panels installed to their home and informed us about the savings in doing so.  It may be a good consideration of having alternative energy sources.  In addition, the basic cable and LAN line may soon be eliminated since we do not have a roommate anymore.

I have been working with Rose in minimizing more of our belongings leading to more space in the house.  Sometimes there are some items that we may consider to have sentimental value.  However, the improvement in using the space for other purposes weighs in more to keeping the objects of sentimental value.  Along with updating the space, I have also increased the signal of our router with an extender to improve our internet service.  One of the rooms can be converted into a small workshop or office which is safer for Atreyu roam more in the living room space.  Atreyu is growing fast, learning to share his toys and helping us out with watering the little garden.  These are a few updates to our situation which may actually be more of outside the blogging but we still have some updates on our twitter, @Maphistas_76.  As mentioned before we will be more proactive in the upcoming months. Stay tuned again for giveaways and updates!


Kuripot Jar: Productivity

Kuripot Jar: Productivity

To be a legal citizenship took six years, but it is worth the wait.
Being a legal citizenship took six years, but it is worth the wait.

In the past few months, my wife and I took a little break from blogging to do some family planning. Recently, my wife’s accomplishment to citizenship is a leading key to this blog’s continuous existence. While we are working full-time jobs, creating a blog is a good way to share the experience. Time is getting closer for summer vacation leading to creating more material for this blog. She has decided to advance her education to masters in teaching. As for me, I am undecided to pursue PhD in business administration. There are some in mind to advance my education, but will wait for RoseVi’s goals. Come back again this summer for new material since she will have a little more free time.

As we continue our adventure of reaching financial independence, we decided to set goals to eliminate unnecessary debt to improve cash flow. One in particular was the auto loan that we paid off this week. While we made this decision, we also intended to minimize to one car. My other car, 2001 Saturn coup has a difficulty in cold starting during the winter storms and battery draining issue. In addition, though it was difficult, my wife accepted the decision to take off the Filipino Channel. Instead to keep up the productivity, she is planning to use her teaching ability with Atreyu to jump start his learning lessons. It is exciting to feel the weight of our shoulders slightly lifted from minimizing our expenses.


There are some future plans we liked to see created this summer:

  • Establish a CD ladder
  • Improve the Kuripot Jar
  • Improve the financial Independence, through planning
  • Develop a vegetable garden

During this segment on Productivity, I also have been slowly integrating cryptocurrencies into our post. I have just recently found a ticker to share the updates of the exchange rates to educate others about Bitcoin and alt-coins. On my previous post, links were included
I never mentioned about how to begin with bitcoins.

To begin

Inform oneself – Education is important to understand how Bitcoins work.

  • – Informative site and faucet discussions.  Acquire free bitcoins to start your journey!  Highly Recommended
  • – Informative site, Highly Recommended

Get a wallet-  There is a number of wallets available on the market.  Review each one to understand the transaction fees and ensure the best security suited by your needs.  Again review the education sites for information on wallets.

Acquire Bitcoins –

There are a variety of ways to acquire bitcoins.  One the previous post I briefly discussed about some ways to acquire bitcoins.

Mining – Coins ExchangeBitcoin Faucets – Creating a blog – Gambling/game

One game dealing with buying gear with Satoshis but you can redeem to wallet with 100,000 minimum.

Satoshi Mines

BitKong – Fun & Addictive, provably fair bitcoin game.

Spend Bitcoins – Merchants are beginning to accept Bitcoin but always check prior to making purchases.

Thanks for reading.  How have you made changes to improve personal productivity?  We love to hear from you!



Bitcoin Adventure

Bitcoin adventure

Monthly Update: June

My Bitcoin drawing, my artist reclined again due to family reason. So I had to make my own pictures.
My Bitcoin drawing, my artist reclined again due to family reason. So I had to make my own pictures.

There has been a lot of exploring along with finding content to educate myself while working a blog.  Recently I have been looking into the idea around Bitcoin.  I am not an expert on subject but will continue to write my experience along with personal finance.  Technically, I would not consider Bitcoin as an initial asset for a beginning investing portfolio because of the risk in changing values for the exchange rate.  Instead, there are ways to one’s own business such as gifting subscribers to a blog or even creating a bitcoin faucet.  I have a few reference links that I do recommend if you decide to look into Bitcoin, Altcoin, and cryptocurrency.  Weekly I will discuss some of the current uses of Bitcoin along with the current content of the Kuripotjar: personal finance, cooking, culture.

As future projects continue to explore Bitcoin and altcoins, there is plenty of opportunity to innovate ideas to make money with this idea.  I will be brief with a few ways you can make money with bitcoin.

Mining – Having a mining rig may be a challenge to enter a pool of super computers.  In addition, the energy cost may affect the returns unless this is more of a hobby or challenge to acquire a portion of the Bitcoin mining pool.  Over time, the sessions will become harder which can affect the supply with demand.

Coins Exchange – As I continue to look into the exchange, there are a variety of altcoins in production in addition to Bitcoin.  However, Bitcoin has been stable since 2009 and more likely mature over time.  Etheruem seems to be the next candidate in production.  There is no chance in duplicating coins, but creating an altcoin to take it’s place may be the next step in extending the use of the technology.

Bitcoin Faucets – Who doesn’t like giveaways?  In addition to educating about cryptocurrency, there is the innovation of new ways of dispersing the coins to the population in smaller fractions or satoshis.  Simpler faucets use captchas while others form gaming sites to enhance the interaction of the use with integration of Bitcoin as rewards.

Creating a blog –  Innovating ideas and retaining up-to-date material requires research, references, and personal experience to this subject.  In the past few months I took a break from blogging to experiment with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to have a better understanding prior to sharing my experience.

Gambling/games -Along with bitcoin faucets, gambling and games have been popular in the use of Bitcoin.  Exchange in virtual items can be sold with digital currency, however it depends on the mmorpgs to allow the exchange of goods in this manner due to the possible breach of the gaming contract.  It may be best to research approval from the gaming companies prior to exchanging virtual goods.  Anyway, stick to the current games accepting bitcoins and maybe in a safer virtual environment the future of mmorpgs will allow the use of Bitcoins and altcoins.

One game I have tried during my blogging break is Coin Brawl.  Minimum payout is 100,000 satoshis, but somewhere down the line you end up buying gear to compete with others in the game.

One game dealing with buying gear with Satoshis but you can redeem to wallet with 100,000 minimum.

Satoshi Mines


BitKong – Fun & Addictive, provably fair bitcoin game.

Sell items – Just like any online auction or stores, but the difference is using Bitcoins as the alternative.

Share your thoughts about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Recommended sites -This site I highly recommended to educate someone that has the -Another site to educate users about Bitcoin.

Blogging Absences

Blogging Absences

Blogging Absences springtime
During the Blogging Absences, quality time with family is needed.

Over the past weeks, Rose and I have been temporary away from posting on the  It is not that we gave up, but we were trying out products, recipes, and concepts prior to give our own reviews.  In addition, things have been interesting in our work schedules that fortunately I am now able to have more time to type during the day and working later in the night.  The break from blogging is a great way to discover new material and build on previous ideas.  In addition to the blog, we have tried other outlets:

Pinterest: ( There is the benefit of building new ideas from valuable resources.)

Twitter:  Maphistas_76 (Finance, travel, personal life, education, and a few                                                                                                           random topics)

Instagram: (You may see some of Rose’s finished recipes in the future)

Facebook: (Merging our old accounts and changing the atmosphere to reflect on products                             we have tried using.  Under Construction)

Spring Cleaning Effectatreyu_eating

While we are adjusting to our new schedule
s, we also have the opportunity to clean up the blog’s topic through trying out different products during the absence.  My new shift also allows me to save on hiring a babysitter along with other benefits in saving money such as downsizing to one car.  We continue to rotate our turns with Atreyu, but the new shift also allows more quality time with family before my own work shift.  After completing my degrees, I can now have more time this spring and summer to do the yard work.  I recalled the moments a few neighbors suggesting hiring alawn service.  It is convenient to pursue this route since we just moved to this home five years ago.  However, retaining a budget is our goal and to achieve it required our own hands on the mower.

Goals for May

homemade_meals_with_aetasIt may be the beginning of April, but time is moving fast in which writing out the goals will keep our timing on schedule.  Rose wants me to work on building the garden.  I really want to improve our financial situation by eliminating unnecessary small debts such as the autoloan and PMI.  We could definitely use the free up cash flow towards other plans.  We became more involved at the church and I still want to try out a mission or two in the Philippines.  My first visit was amazing and the memories of sharing something with other had me thinking of plans to do more when the opportunity is available.

­Establish selling our excess things online.
Along with the spring cleaning, this is an opportunity to make extra income with things that we do not use.  Over time, we have to admit our discount shopping can flood our living space but also can become a secondary form of extra income.  Creating an online store will be valuable to reach someone that may have a use to our things and can be open longer than a garage sale.  I have tried selling some items to see how the process may work with different results.

Develop more content for our blog.

                We have been trying out products the past week that can be beneficial to others and will have a feature for these products in future.  Rose Vi also has been in the kitchen trying out recipes and making new ones while family and friends are food tester candidates.  I am also a candidate but have to cut back and condition for my fitness project.  While we are working, our son is amazing us more daily as he is learning to interact and responding with new vocabulary.

Improve our activity on the social media.

                Along with the blog, we have reaching out to family and friends through the social network.  Technology is improving so much that snail mail was once the efficient way to reach out to others from miles away.  Even with the convenience of faster communication channels, I do enjoy receiving a personal greetings and letters from our mailbox as long as it does not say we owe money.

Enhance the working environment for our physical jobs.

                We are full time employees and the working environment continues to the change.  Our companies may introduce new systems that we may require mandatory education meetings to learn the new concepts.  From the learning experience, we retain our marketability and flexibility to the company’s needs.  One example is that my wife can teach a variety of subjects up to the high school level.  In addition, she is also qualified to teach students with special learning difficulties.  As for me, I am using what I learn from previous jobs to improve the working experience for the customer.  There will be a few incidents where issues may occur, however, at the end of the day my wife and son is whom I go home to.

Plan out the budget to save more in Spring and Summer.

Now that the weather is warmer with a breeze, we can save on our utilities.  We did stock up on discounted fleece blankets that we had the intention to use as holiday gifts, but it was used to warm up the interior by blocking the door bottoms where weather strips that require replacement.  Some decisions we have made was to make our schedules acceptable to vehicle downsize.  In addition, while the weather is warmer, I can use the stroller with our son to do the daily errands and make time to pick up Rose at work.

Do you have plans for the upcoming season?  How do you keep a routine on schedule?

Almost Friday, weekly update report.

 photo A0A080F3-4894-4BC5-BC08-9CC744ADE658.jpg
Time for a weekly update report!

It is almost the end of week two of the new year and this is a weekly update report.  Eventually, I will change this to a monthly report as we engage more into building “The Kuripot Jar”. Modifications have been made on some of the images to improve viewing experience. As we continue to create new content, testing the site’s performance is important to ensure visitors can explore the content without minimal problems in the page speed. There is a lot of improvements to learn as we go along with this journey blogging. I also will improve some pages especially the content in the “about” page because my wife is also involved in content with her recipes in RoseVi’s Kitchen.  Making a website is a fun experience and errors in typing is a little bit forgiving as the audience may experience a person’s thoughts into their writing.  My fitness journey posts will be on hold until I improve the improvements.  However, my wife is happier to include her home-cooking and fun images of our son.

A new page will be added of recommended blogs and sites that I have been following to improve one’s own website.  As of now, this blog is more of a extra curricular during my downtime since I still work a full time job.  The good news is that we have saved on hiring a baby-sitter as I work the evening shift as unit secretary for a hospital and PRN (as needed) bartender as an additional side-job.  My wife is working the day shift as a Special Education & American History for a High School.  This is the time for students to prep for the high school assessment but her leisure time is cooking.  I take care of our son during the day and my wife on the evening.  In addition, I managed to complete both my bachelor’s and master’s program while retaining this schedule.

Retaining this pace of time management is rewarding.  There is always room for improvement and reaching the objectives makes life a bit easier.  If I ever had the opportunity to change some things in the past, it may just be attempting my goals sooner.  However, mistakes were made to create valuable lessons.  This is the reason for the weekly update report to ensure I learn from.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any advise or recommendations for the website feel free to share.

The actual beginnings starts with a publish.

Hello Everyone,
It is now 2016, and I am ready to take a leap of faith this site.  My wife is supporting me in this project and I am excited to engage in a new venture where my thoughts can be brought out in a blogging site.  The current projects present in this site will go past the previous plan of saving tips for college.  I already complete both my bachelors and masters with financial strategies that I have thrown into the table or should I say volunteer for a deployment, worked, and create a savings strategy.

I am also introducing my wife’s home cooking during this new year.  There will be more content added as I continue building this site and I thank you for the patience with me.  Who knows where this will lead to but at the moment, let the adventure begin!

I am posting this now in preparation for Monday. ^_^

 photo 06102869-E1CF-4501-BB87-04D90F8FBD20.jpg

Christopher Figueroa

Major Changes

It is currently 11.21.15 and I have not been working on this site for quite some time. Now that I have finished both my BSM and MBA, things are about to change. I will start to say I completed both degrees with the use of personal work experience and interaction with my peers. Anyway. my proposal to an illustrator may require a rewrite out of the budget, but my wife is on board to assist in the development of this financial journey. More to come in December updates! In the meantime, keep at it with the financial strategies! Happy Holidays.

Kuripot Chris