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Cryptocurrency journey: One year later.

Cryptocurrency Journey: One year later.

Commemorable Stratis Coin

A year has passed since I decided to take a break from blogging.  I really did not know where to start and had to seek ideas after finishing my education.  A topic in mind was Bitcoin.  It seemed that there is a lot of material in expressing how this idea will change the world.

For me to become more aware of the idea.  I had to experience it first hand.  I discussed my plan with my wife about investing into buying some Bitcoin and see what happens.  It took a bit of time to see some activity but after a few months from February 2016 – May 2016.  I was planning to give to thinking I may have missed out on an opportunity.  Instead I tried to figured out what exactly am I looking for in cryptocurrency.
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Kuripot Jar: Productivity

Kuripot Jar: Productivity

To be a legal citizenship took six years, but it is worth the wait.
Being a legal citizenship took six years, but it is worth the wait.

In the past few months, my wife and I took a little break from blogging to do some family planning. Recently, my wife’s accomplishment to citizenship is a leading key to this blog’s continuous existence. While we are working full-time jobs, creating a blog is a good way to share the experience. Time is getting closer for summer vacation leading to creating more material for this blog. She has decided to advance her education to masters in teaching. As for me, I am undecided to pursue PhD in business administration. There are some in mind to advance my education, but will wait for RoseVi’s goals. Come back again this summer for new material since she will have a little more free time.

As we continue our adventure of reaching financial independence, we decided to set goals to eliminate unnecessary debt to improve cash flow. One in particular was the auto loan that we paid off this week. While we made this decision, we also intended to minimize to one car. My other car, 2001 Saturn coup has a difficulty in cold starting during the winter storms and battery draining issue. In addition, though it was difficult, my wife accepted the decision to take off the Filipino Channel. Instead to keep up the productivity, she is planning to use her teaching ability with Atreyu to jump start his learning lessons. It is exciting to feel the weight of our shoulders slightly lifted from minimizing our expenses.


There are some future plans we liked to see created this summer:

  • Establish a CD ladder
  • Improve the Kuripot Jar
  • Improve the financial Independence, through planning
  • Develop a vegetable garden

During this segment on Productivity, I also have been slowly integrating cryptocurrencies into our post. I have just recently found a ticker to share the updates of the exchange rates to educate others about Bitcoin and alt-coins. On my previous post, links were included
I never mentioned about how to begin with bitcoins.

To begin

Inform oneself – Education is important to understand how Bitcoins work.

  • – Informative site and faucet discussions.  Acquire free bitcoins to start your journey!  Highly Recommended
  • – Informative site, Highly Recommended

Get a wallet-  There is a number of wallets available on the market.  Review each one to understand the transaction fees and ensure the best security suited by your needs.  Again review the education sites for information on wallets.

Acquire Bitcoins –

There are a variety of ways to acquire bitcoins.  One the previous post I briefly discussed about some ways to acquire bitcoins.

Mining – Coins ExchangeBitcoin Faucets – Creating a blog – Gambling/game

One game dealing with buying gear with Satoshis but you can redeem to wallet with 100,000 minimum.

Satoshi Mines

BitKong – Fun & Addictive, provably fair bitcoin game.

Spend Bitcoins – Merchants are beginning to accept Bitcoin but always check prior to making purchases.

Thanks for reading.  How have you made changes to improve personal productivity?  We love to hear from you!



Blogging Absences

Blogging Absences

Blogging Absences springtime
During the Blogging Absences, quality time with family is needed.

Over the past weeks, Rose and I have been temporary away from posting on the  It is not that we gave up, but we were trying out products, recipes, and concepts prior to give our own reviews.  In addition, things have been interesting in our work schedules that fortunately I am now able to have more time to type during the day and working later in the night.  The break from blogging is a great way to discover new material and build on previous ideas.  In addition to the blog, we have tried other outlets:

Pinterest: ( There is the benefit of building new ideas from valuable resources.)

Twitter:  Maphistas_76 (Finance, travel, personal life, education, and a few                                                                                                           random topics)

Instagram: (You may see some of Rose’s finished recipes in the future)

Facebook: (Merging our old accounts and changing the atmosphere to reflect on products                             we have tried using.  Under Construction)

Spring Cleaning Effectatreyu_eating

While we are adjusting to our new schedule
s, we also have the opportunity to clean up the blog’s topic through trying out different products during the absence.  My new shift also allows me to save on hiring a babysitter along with other benefits in saving money such as downsizing to one car.  We continue to rotate our turns with Atreyu, but the new shift also allows more quality time with family before my own work shift.  After completing my degrees, I can now have more time this spring and summer to do the yard work.  I recalled the moments a few neighbors suggesting hiring alawn service.  It is convenient to pursue this route since we just moved to this home five years ago.  However, retaining a budget is our goal and to achieve it required our own hands on the mower.

Goals for May

homemade_meals_with_aetasIt may be the beginning of April, but time is moving fast in which writing out the goals will keep our timing on schedule.  Rose wants me to work on building the garden.  I really want to improve our financial situation by eliminating unnecessary small debts such as the autoloan and PMI.  We could definitely use the free up cash flow towards other plans.  We became more involved at the church and I still want to try out a mission or two in the Philippines.  My first visit was amazing and the memories of sharing something with other had me thinking of plans to do more when the opportunity is available.

­Establish selling our excess things online.
Along with the spring cleaning, this is an opportunity to make extra income with things that we do not use.  Over time, we have to admit our discount shopping can flood our living space but also can become a secondary form of extra income.  Creating an online store will be valuable to reach someone that may have a use to our things and can be open longer than a garage sale.  I have tried selling some items to see how the process may work with different results.

Develop more content for our blog.

                We have been trying out products the past week that can be beneficial to others and will have a feature for these products in future.  Rose Vi also has been in the kitchen trying out recipes and making new ones while family and friends are food tester candidates.  I am also a candidate but have to cut back and condition for my fitness project.  While we are working, our son is amazing us more daily as he is learning to interact and responding with new vocabulary.

Improve our activity on the social media.

                Along with the blog, we have reaching out to family and friends through the social network.  Technology is improving so much that snail mail was once the efficient way to reach out to others from miles away.  Even with the convenience of faster communication channels, I do enjoy receiving a personal greetings and letters from our mailbox as long as it does not say we owe money.

Enhance the working environment for our physical jobs.

                We are full time employees and the working environment continues to the change.  Our companies may introduce new systems that we may require mandatory education meetings to learn the new concepts.  From the learning experience, we retain our marketability and flexibility to the company’s needs.  One example is that my wife can teach a variety of subjects up to the high school level.  In addition, she is also qualified to teach students with special learning difficulties.  As for me, I am using what I learn from previous jobs to improve the working experience for the customer.  There will be a few incidents where issues may occur, however, at the end of the day my wife and son is whom I go home to.

Plan out the budget to save more in Spring and Summer.

Now that the weather is warmer with a breeze, we can save on our utilities.  We did stock up on discounted fleece blankets that we had the intention to use as holiday gifts, but it was used to warm up the interior by blocking the door bottoms where weather strips that require replacement.  Some decisions we have made was to make our schedules acceptable to vehicle downsize.  In addition, while the weather is warmer, I can use the stroller with our son to do the daily errands and make time to pick up Rose at work.

Do you have plans for the upcoming season?  How do you keep a routine on schedule?

Plans for February: Time and Budget Goals

As we grow more goals added like a leaves.

Last month has been interesting especially with the blizzard and a few changes to the new year.  Starting a blog is new to my family, and somehow it brings us together more than ever.  A variety of concepts have been learned during this month especially technology, children, and education.

Recently, my in-laws applied for an FB account to not only make friends, but to also keep contact with relatives overseas.  Technology is beneficial to society in which we can not only share opinions but also culture and lifestyle.  Back in the day or 20 years ago, face-to-face technology was still on the testing face.  During my deployment, VoIP video phones was experimental with an initial high price tag to attract consumer.  Consumer products decrease in value over time until there is a point where the product’s rarity increase the cost for the product.  While looking into video games from the 90’s I was curious in the cost on a variety of game systems.  I was surprised that the value is higher than when they were once a new product.  Each day, there is always something to learn beyond the classroom.

CaHdNhWUEAAEIPe                Even my son was able to try out the potty chair thanks to how technology allows the device to interact with his training through sound and sensors.   At first we thought the device had a glitch only to find out he managed to do a number one when the liquid touched the sensors.  We still need to keep training him more over time, but at least we know it works.  In due time, we can finally start saving on diapers and wipes when the training is consistent to a bathroom schedule.  In additional, Atreyu was invited to his first birthday party from a friend he made at church.  As of now, It is good to improve the child’s relationships beyond the parents especially with sharing, communication, and exposure to others in different environments.  This may feel like leading him to grow too fast, but both my wife and I had similar experiences in different points in our lives.

When we look back in the past I was not interested in academics in high school and joining the military was the best choice for my personal growth.  My wife,  a teacher since she was 21 or 15 years, needed a challenge building her work potential when she came to Baltimore City.  The environment was a culture shock for her at first but the challenges only made her a stronger teacher.  Personally, I have seen her grow learning from her students and as a mother to our son.  It is interesting as to having a family can possibly a person’s goals, but this is my own opinion.

When I was 21 and single, my intention was to work hard for the money.  Higher education was not in my plans and felt like an extra expense as I had no major to pursue at that time.  The exposure to different work environments changed my decision leading to an unexpected choice for a business major.  In addition, my work experience, despite each job lack a focus, was a good resource for class discussion because of the skills that was present for each field.  In the end of my education, I improved in both my time and budget management.  This is where I am now in my 30’s wanting to share my experience.  The new month begins with new goals to create with my time and I plan to prepare with a chart I learned during my classes for project scheduling.  I want to adapt this method to not only brush up on my education but to also keep myself organized each month.  Creating a blog is like have a personal journal to keep track of plans or create a place to access memories.

I am grateful for this opportunity to try out blogging.  It is still in the experimental stage, and we have learned so much from this month especially from using Bluehost for our resources needs.

February Goals:

-Improve language learning:

We continue to prepare my son to be more bilingual with English and                                             Tagalog.

I need to learn the current vocabulary used in the Philippines.

-Enhance the content and audience experience on The Kuripot Jar.

-Become more financially independent paying off more unnecessary debt.

-Retain a better record of expenses for next year’s tax filing

-Travel:  Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania (going to expand travel over time)

-Prepare a above ground garden

-Save more

-Try out new projects, food, and products.

How was the end of the month for you?  From your own experience, was there a turning point in your life that had made a change to your lifestyle?  What can you do tomorrow to make a better version of yourself?  What future goals do you have for this month?

Blizzard 2016 Experience

Blizzard 2016 Experience

 photo image20.jpg

The blizzard came and left with a lot of clean up in every place it hit.  There was a lot to experience and lessons learned throughout weekend.

Friday – Preparation

                The rush to acquire supplies was in everyone’s mind.  Today was the day before the storm and my moment to be away from my wife and son due to my work schedule during this weekend starting Friday Evening.  There has been snow days before but nothing in comparison personally because of the family foundation was different and in the previous storms I was single and working for myself.  I was going to become homesick despite the latest technology such as Facetime, phones, and internet to keep contact.  However, this was the day we went to a variety of stores to acquire essentials especially if the power went out. Continue reading Blizzard 2016 Experience

Experience to Education

 photo IMG_0685.jpg
Preparation for deployment in Indiana, winter of 2003 before going Iraq.

How I managed to finish my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees?

                This was one of topics that may go around with people wondering how I managed to do so without taking a school loan.  Well, to begin, I joined the military during high school after experiencing issues with college loans from other people having problems negotiating their loan payments.  I needed to find my own way in financing my education.  The military route may not be for everyone and it was an unexpected gamble to raise my hand to deploy into a combat zone with secondary training as a cable guy for the Army.  I really did not have a choice since the event just happened when I signed the papers in high school a month before September 11, 2001.  Luck was on my shoulders when even a mortar hit five feet from my bed into the sand bags during my deployment in Iraq.  The duration of the journey was to find things to keep my mind busy with the resources present.  This was the best opportunity to learn from others and build additional skills such as wealth management and business.

Wealth Management

It is interesting how a deployment can lead to wealth management.  First, there is the thrift savings account that has a 10% interest gain for applying  $10,000.00 of personal savings.  It is technically free money from just letting it grow without any effort but the signature to accept this option.  Second, food rations was free for military but was a three mile walk to the dining facility with a long line.  However, people may want to try something different such as a restaurant or PX for snacks.  The option was there, but money can be saved.  Finally, while being deployed, benefits increased for honorable discharge and veteran status after completing the term of service.  In addition, there was the exposure to other cultures and foreign exchange rates.


 photo 13466_552424995759_4940287_n.jpg
In Iraq, 2004, installing commercial communications in buildings during deployment.

People may have thought a soldier is someone that only knows how to use a weapon in combat.  However, the MOS (military occupational specialty) that I took was cable installer maintenance.  During the deployment, there was an opportunity to train with civilian contractors of new skills such as commercial cable and Fiber Optics.  The new skills would come in handy if I was to work for another company or renovate my own business.  The mentality also made a 360 in the exposure of how the world may operate.

The answer to the question of how I finished paying both degrees came from working a variety of jobs and sacrificing my time for benefits.  This route is not for everyone, but it as an option improving my maturity.

My questions to you:

If you had this option how would you see it through?

Are you willing to serve the military to acquire your education?

What experience have you went through during your own journey into the education goals.

The actual beginnings starts with a publish.

Hello Everyone,
It is now 2016, and I am ready to take a leap of faith this site.  My wife is supporting me in this project and I am excited to engage in a new venture where my thoughts can be brought out in a blogging site.  The current projects present in this site will go past the previous plan of saving tips for college.  I already complete both my bachelors and masters with financial strategies that I have thrown into the table or should I say volunteer for a deployment, worked, and create a savings strategy.

I am also introducing my wife’s home cooking during this new year.  There will be more content added as I continue building this site and I thank you for the patience with me.  Who knows where this will lead to but at the moment, let the adventure begin!

I am posting this now in preparation for Monday. ^_^

 photo 06102869-E1CF-4501-BB87-04D90F8FBD20.jpg

Christopher Figueroa

Thanksgiving Time! 11/15/2015

This is a time to be thankful for the things that we least appreciate especially the time and opportunities that come to our lives and create form into new adventures. I have mentioned to have completed both my bachelors and masters in a timely manner. It was a great opportunity to figure how to reach my academic goals while managing my time to work, have a family, and additional financial goals. In addition, there is the realization that bad health habits have occurred during my academic journey which my guilt was to eating more and exercising less. Now that the holidays are here, some people may not see the point in taking a small break on a themed-like day. In reality, we may claim that we are thankful everyday, but a designated day is like making a resolution to remember a time to build the social attribute along with our physical, mental, and spiritual aspects in life. And now for the fun part, our family financial situation and planning.

As of today we are almost paying off the minimum to remove the PMI from our mortgage. We are considering eliminating some debts such as the car loan, television subscriptions, and grocery lists. I had the tendency to eat out during my three years of school so I am glad to cut out the habit and drink more water. Creating a blog is a new beginning for us, and since I have some free time, I will begin in creating some personal pages to practice before getting to the financial and lifestyle experiences.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving 2014

I’ll be working this Thanksgiving. This is an image from last year’s with my mother setting up the first of 4 phases of the dinner table at their place.