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It is challenging to meet this goal while occupied with family, work, and personal time. However, it may be best to make more personal time into creating a fitness journey.

New Project: Weight Management

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Before I met my wife five years ago, I was still in the U. S. Army and had a decent physical fitness routine. However, there was a bit of changes occurring such as fulfilling my bucket list with education, family, and personal security especially financial independence. I have to admit, laziness took over, sleepless nights, and unhealthy diet adds up to where I am now creating a category in this blog where it is important to set goals.

There are no regrets to my decision since personal commitments are being met and new lessons prior to getting back into shape. Now there is more time after completing the education and placing the goals back into reality. As of now, this segment is to log in my progress and allow others to know they are not alone in the challenge of the bulge. The weight gain has been a disadvantage with breathing, blood pressure, and definitely my blood sugar is irregular from this problem. Currently will set my goals baseline at minimal military pt testing requirements for my age of 32.

The minimum
36 Pushup
42 Situps
17:40 2 mile run

My current daily routine results as of today:
59 Pushups
50 Situps
16:45 2 mile run

Double of repetitions for 1/10/2016 -1/16/2016 depending on body tolerance.

It has been a little over three years since I have been out so this is a good start for day one. Eventually there will be additional routines to my fitness plan such as P90x, and better food choices when I am ready. To be honest, home cooking is too good, but my commitment is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The new year has gave me the opportunity to wake up since health issues have recently occurred with both my brother and sister.

Posts may be posted every Friday. Feel free to comment and any experiences or advice that you have had with weigh management.

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