Originally I was planning to create this site for personal finances and build on the focus to share my personal experience. However, the time has changed in which I am involving my wife to this blog along with our new member of the family that is now 13 months. I recently completed both my Bachelors in Management and my MBA with a few job transitions along the way. Along with this accomplishment, there is no school loans and I also took up bar-tending Academy to have an additional skill to fall back on after completion of my programs.

The concept of this site’s name originated from how folks from my family’s origin thought of me as a cheapskate for pursuing a conservative behavior. I have been slacking lately, but retain the focus on financial independence with the resources that I have available. When I had an idea name for this site, the object has been in my life all this time but in different sizes. A place to store currency and memories.

It all began with a Jar. A smaller one than this, but became the systematic trend for my financial future!

My name is Christopher but everyone calls me Chris. Currently the author/owner of the Kuripot-Jar. I completed both my Bachelors and Masters with no debt but from financial planning. On a family journey to be financial independence and self-employed.


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